DT Sport and Media

The aim of this service is to offer a support structure that is more attune to the unique requirements of men and women who forge careers in the professional sport and media industries.
The result of this will be to provide the individual with a secure but flexible financial platform that can adapt to a very changeable environment with the main goal of providing a safe and secure future at whatever age the individual’s career may come to an end.

Key Points

• A high disposable income for a relatively short period of time is typical, followed by a greater period in an alternative career or in retirement.
• Advice and support tends to be generic without the understanding of the unique lifecycle dynamics associated within this sector.
• Investment advice tends to highlight the returns of more risky and less liquid portfolio structures, which do not always respect the changing environment and lifestyles typical of sports and media professionals.
• There is a lack of support and development where financial professionals make all the decisions without clear and effective communication that will help the client to become better equipped to make informed decisions for themselves when or if it is required.

Delivering this through a secure digital platform allows us to provide an immersive wealth management service that our clients can access at their convenience. You are able to communicate directly with your adviser, review all our latest economic and market news, and monitor your entire portfolio all in one place.

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